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Worst airline booking system? (Kuala Lumpur)

So I went to the MATTA fair and MAS is offering some great deals to Australia. So I can get a cheap ticket and support the national carrier.

But OMG what a bad website, 3 hours of trying to book the tickets - MAS insists I am American as it kept changing me to a US passport holder, and loads of other bugs THE CHEAP PRICE DISSAPEARS. It dissapears when I booked it. No warning just dont get the seat.

I used to say Airasia was the worst site. I take it all back Airasia site is perfect compared to MAS!

So anyone else have a worse example? Ryanair used to cause my old boss (Irishman) rages of phone smashing rage (not exaggerating) but I know how he feels now. But even Ryanair seems friendly compared to MAS helpline.

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