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David Thyne
"Sharing expat experiences about Accra and the way of life in Ghana was really helpful to me. Thanks to InterNations!"
Johanna S. Mattikanen
"Finding work in Ghana is not easy for an expat woman. InterNations members helped me get involved in a charity project."

Living in Kumasi

Kumasi, known as “the Garden City” due to the many colorful flowers and shrubs around the city, is the Ashanti regional capital of Ghana. The city is second only to Accra, the Ghanaian capital, in size. Kumasi’s main attraction is the enormous Kejetia Market, with some eleven thousand stalls selling everything a Ghanaian could want. Expats living in Kumasi will experience two seasons, the wet season and the dry season, with very little difference in temperature and humidity levels. Most of the roads are little more than red dirt tracks which quickly become quagmires in heavy rain, but redevelopment plans include new roads and a transport infrastructure to alleviate the congestion around the Central Business District. There is a growing middle class in Kumasi, which reflects the position of the city as the hub of commerce and trade in Ghana. The expatriate community in Kumasi includes those married to Ghanaians, and expats working in the diplomatic service or with newly established companies in the city. Despite there being a sizeable expat community, it can nevertheless still be difficult for newly arrived expatriates to locate acquaintances in Kumasi. By joining InterNations, the online global community of expats, you may be able to find fellow expats living in Kumasi through for example our online forums.

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Moving to Kumasi

Expatriates moving to Kumasi typically fly into Accra before connecting to Kumasi Airport, which is a short distance from the city. Public transport in Kumasi is mainly confined to minibuses, or trotros as they are known. There are virtually no large buses or coaches, and privately-owned automobiles are mainly utility vehicles such as vans. Relocating and settling in to a new country can be extremely demanding and stressful. There are many cultural and language barriers to overcome, but establishing contact with other InterNations members who have themselves experienced relocation to Ghana and Kumasi itself should help you settle in without too many problems. Members no longer living in Ghana may post helpful tips online, whilst those resident in the country and Kumasi itself will be happy to arrange to meet and establish a social calendar with others of a similar professional standing.

Working in Kumasi

Kumasi is Ghana’s industrial hub, with trade and commerce driving the country’s economy. Many institutions and companies have established themselves in Kumasi in recent years, with banking and the wholesale and retail trade forming a major commercial center within Ghana. The Suana Magazine foundry is the city’s engineering area, and timber production, cocoa and gold form the basis of the Kumasi economy. As an expat working in Kumasi, enjoying the company of like-minded members of the InterNations community in the city during leisure hours might include visiting the Manhyia Palace, the seat of the Kings of Ashanti, or the Kumasi Hat Museum, with over two thousand hats to admire. A round of golf at the Royal Kumasi Golf Course has been an expat activity since colonial times, and the Kumasi Cultural Center, which contains a museum and a performing arts theater, as well as artisan workshops displaying Ashanti crafts, is another option for expats in Kumasi to enjoy.

David Thyne
"Sharing expat experiences about Accra and the way of life in Ghana was really helpful to me. Thanks to InterNations!"
Johanna S. Mattikanen
"Finding work in Ghana is not easy for an expat woman. InterNations members helped me get involved in a charity project."