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Considering moving from India to Kuwait (Kuwait City)


I am a 33 year old Pre-sales engineer from India with a wife of 5 years and a 10 month old baby. I am considering taking up an internal transfer from my current company in India to Kuwait. Had several questions

1. Since this will be a long-term commitment, i.e. minimum 3 years and I have to make a rental agreement for an apartment, is there a deposit / advance that building / apartment owners demand? If yes, what is the typical amount?

2. Is there a public transport system in Kuwait? If yes, how good / bad is it?

3. What would a family typically expect as living cost in Kuwait for a comfortable life? It would help if a figure can be offered and in KD.

4. Can an expat family survive without a personal automobile for a short period of time, say a couple of months?

5. How expensive is education for an expat child in Kuwait?

6. Are domestic help easy to come by? Are they very expensive? How about a nanny for a baby, as both me and my wife expect to work?

Any help is welcome. Kuwait is an unknown entity to me at the moment, and I am looking for actual feedback of residents in Kuwait.

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