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Driving in Kuala Lumpur (Kuwait City)

I am sure that for those of you who are new in town will find that the local driving culture here is not so easy to understand. Many or shall I say all the road signs are in the Malaysian language. Too many motorcyclists may also be a problem for some. It is just madness out there and the fatality rate is worse than a war zone! sometimes I feel that apart from the driving license, one should also posses some martial arts and mind reading skills to survive in the roads here. I understand this all too well. In my many years of talking with people from all parts of the world I wanted to do some thing to make the expats feel comfortable and familiarize themselves with the local driving culture. I am a road safety consultant and trainer. I specialize in defensive driving trainings and the one most important thing (apart from training Malaysians to drive defensively) that I wanted is to conduct a session of "Malaysian Driving Workshop" for our expatriates. With that in mind I have been working on my drawing board for some time and I have come up with an expatriate program which will be a benefit for all drivers who wants to understand the local driving culture, what particular hazards to look out for, the unwritten "laws", important road signs, traffic laws, the authorities who have the right to flag you down, what to do in case of an accident and many more. Well, with that said, I would really appreciate if I could get some feedback from you folks on what was the problems that you faced when you first started driving here in Kuala Lumpur. What could have made your driving easier and more comfortable and what was your greatest challenge and if you were to attend this training, what would the outcome that you would expect. During my trainings the usual question I get from an expat is about the engine oil bottle that is usually placed on the roof of a car. FYI, that means that the car is for sale! Don't ask me why but all I can say is that... Welcome to Malaysia!

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