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FAKES!! (Kuwait City)


.....I've only been here a short while but have come across ALOT of fake people here......Don't get me wrong folks!...There are fake people everywhere (I know that!) but in a country where you come to work/live, and these people are in the same position as you and all you want to do is to create the right environment around you to make your stay a happy and successful doesn't seem to plan out that way. Like I said I have met some nice people. Actually at a BBQ last weekend, it was a discussion with a very nice girl, who has been here a lot longer than me, that raised this point. She actually made a comment that I have come to realise sums it up completely....'You have to be careful because they are only out for what they can get'.......What a messed up view of people to have eh?.....The worse part is how true a statement that is.

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