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Housing in Adan or Mangaf (Kuwait City)

Can anyone tell me about available New flats or floors inside of villa's in Adan or Mangaf ?
We have been totally "ripped off" by Realtors or people claiming to be realtors.
We went to view a floor inside a villa, and someone claimed to have spoken with me, but NEVER did, and wanted a full month rent ????? I asked who was he. He said he had spoken to many people and thought I was one, but I was out riding the neighborhood, and ask the Harris if they had anything available. He showed me, and this flim flam showed up, then when I was speaking with the owner who happened to be in Dubai, he said he knew nothing about it, I had to work it out. How can you not know who is representing a property ? Second, is this common here ? Third , is there such a thing as advertising, or is everything done underhanded here........???? or is it catch anyone when you can ??? LOL....
I have never seen anything like this in life.......
so, can anyone assist, or know of anything in these areas please ?

Thanks !!!

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