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I was once Muslim Kuwaiti turn me Offer from Islam (Kuwait City)


Dear Read’s From Kristan Kutcher: ( Protected content )

I was once a Muslim who convert to Islam in U.S.A. was offer oportunity to work learn about islam at same time in Kuwait with my three kids we was happy at first then we learn its was not very good move (Kuwaiti) want pay me Protected content month when in USA was making very good pay. Three months in Kuwait Muslims Kuwaiti’s left me along with my kids, we had no food. We had no assistance I seen Americans being mis treated its was only Church from USA was willing to assist we back in USA now I read on twitter two American Muslims who also travel to Kuwait learn about Islam now two Americans living on streets in Kuwait Islamic Centers/ Islamic Charities refuse to help them reason U.S. Government Foreign policy on Syria, Egypt, Iraq, is this how Islam treat people this American Muslim over stay visa only they have pay 600KD fees in airport leave Kuwait is this your Islam is this to much Protected content Dinars. Help them Donations Protected content .

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