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Potential Expat (Kuwait City)


I've been offered a relocation to Kuwait from Malaysia.

I got few questions before I accept the offer:

1) How long it's take to get RP?

Driving in Kuwait
1) I read somewhere the professional position are allowed to drive in Kuwait if they have an international license. Can someone verify me on this?
2) Is it safer to take a cab or drive by yourself?

1) What is the best choice to live? Near workplace or near the amenities?
2) What if the suitable place to stay? I'll be placed at customer site - Zain HQ.

1) Am I allowed to open an account without RP?
2) Am I eligible to apply for CC? or is it better to apply CC from my origin country?

My Situation:
- My company's office will be at Dubai and I'll be at Kuwait, for on-site support.
- My salary will be deposit at origin country.

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