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Seeking Marketing/PR/Communications Opportunity (Kuwait City)

Dear All,

My name is Sana Abu-Nasrah and I am seeking employment as a Marketing/PR/Communications Manager/Team Leader. I am currently in Kuwait working at AUTOMAK
AUTOMOTIVE CO. as the Retail Leasing Team Leader.

I have a BA in Public Relations and Mass Communications, and am eager to work in a dynamic business
environment in the private sector. I speak English fluently, along with Arabic, with soft reading and
writing skills in Arabic. I am an American living here in Kuwait.

As the Retail Leasing Team Leader, I am in charge of their new venture into individual leasing sales. All
the way from speaking to the client about our luxury, or exclusive vehicles for Protected content , I also prepare, sign,
write up all contracts, communicate with the marketing department, legal department, accounting and
finance department, as well as the fleet sales department depending on the procedures I need to follow for
filing and maintaining databases.

I also lead my team to reach monthly leasing target sales, and make sure the clients are properly cared for,
whatever their needs may be.

When it comes to marketing and communication, I send e-mail shots to top companies in Kuwait in order
to gain potential clients for our luxury vehicles in stock, help with the advertising on print and social
media, and throw out ideas to help in the creativity of “what is the best way to gain potential clients’
I have extensive experience in a variety of public relations firms, acquiring and growing clients, building
existing client relationships, meeting sales targets, negotiating with other venders and partners and
preparing proposals. My specialty lies in customer satisfaction as I have consistently strengthened clients’
loyalty to a variety of firms, including Bank Audi, Fransabank, Roadster’s Diner, Applebees, Chillies,
Jack’s Pizza, Dreams Furniture Store, Copy-Paste Printers, and much more.

I am a highly capable event planner, and can execute the logistical coordination of any public event from
start to finish. At Blue Inc., I regularly coordinated their training seminar events. I am also an excellent
presenter and negotiator. Being bilingual and having grown up in the Gulf and the US, I have creative
communication skills which allows me to work with any target audience or clientele; including, selling
our seminar training services to different businesses, negotiating prices and fees with vendors, negotiating
hotel fees and catering, presenting our seminar services, preparing presentations that fit the client’s
agendas, wants, needs and goals in order to hit the target.

At Art Marks Designs, I leveraged my creative approach to branding and business development to launch
new market campaigns. I researched and analyzed trends in marketing at the time to capitalize on the
latest in consumer tastes. My strong creative writing skills allow me to develop brands and copy-write
so that customers find the products eye-catching and appealing, regardless of the industry, from luxury
goods to restaurants.

Along this vein, I can produce internal and external communications including
marketing materials, PowerPoint presentations, and social media pieces.I thrive in a creative and fast-paced environment where I can work with clients and colleagues alike. I am
ready to begin work immediately and commit myself to any and every task needed for the success of the

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best regards,

Sana Abu-Nasrah
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