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kiev 25 aug to 1 sep (Kyiv)

hello everyone

Its been a while since i have posted on internations
I am from holand and currently living in Barcelona and before in Moscow.

I am coming to Kiev for a week as the ucraine has been in the news a lot and it has caught my attention.
I want to come and explore the city in order to move there for the winter.

That sounds stange but in the summer I have to be in Spain for my work so only during the winter I can explore other parts of the world.
I have done the same with moscow I have spent 2 cold winters there but had a great time.

I was wondering if anyone likes to meet up as i don´t know anyone. We can just have some fun or have a serious meeting and discuss any kind of business opportunity in the Ucraine as I am always willing to look into funding good ideas.

Hope to hear from anyone of you.

see you soon

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