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Owning a Car in Kiev (Kyiv)

I am interested in purchasing a car at some point in the next one to two years. I do not want advice on whether or not car ownership is a good idea. I am pretty sure it is a bad idea, but if I move to Ukraine permanently or semi-permanently, I will have a car. The reason is that I am a car enthusiast and I can't imagine life without my hobby. Along those lines, I am not a typical car owner. I repair my cars myself back home in the USA, and I would intend to do so here as well. I realize this presents challenges, as having a place to work on a car seems uncommon here. I would prefer to buy a car from a private party. I am certain of my ability to determine if a car is a good deal if I can see it in person, which of course I would do before buying. But I would like to know about the paperwork involved, registration and insurance, and how to communicate with a seller since I don't speak Russian. I did look at some used cars in April, at a sales lot where private sellers had cars on display, and saw some that I would consider in the $ Protected content .

Here are a few of my questions:

1. Is there a website similar to Craigslist in Kiev where I can make contact with private sellers?

2. What is the registration process like? How much is annual registration, taxes and other fees?

3. Are there wrecking yards in Kiev where you can buy used parts?

4. Are there any apartment buildings that have garage spaces one can rent for an additional fee?

5. How do I find insurance and how much does it cost?

6. If I am involved in an accident, is it necessary to establish whose fault it was or is there a no fault system in place? I am concerned that I would be at a great disadvantage by not knowing the system or the language.

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