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My dogs just had the cutest little Eskie puppies, eight weeks ago, but unfortunately I cant keep them all in a little flat here in Lagos and so here I am looking for dog-loving adoptive parents/buyers for my babies' babies. They have been dewormed, immunized and vaccinated (so no worries about their medical records).

Yes, they are purebred Eskies and have already begun potty-training. Yes, they are socialized (their parents have been indoor pets all their lives and so they learnt by emulating them).

Anyone who loves dogs as much as I do and knows about Eskies is that they are patient, loving with children, and that their good nature make them a fine match for even first-time dog owners.

I hope my little pups can find good homes with some amazing people in this community who desire a fluffy, white canine companion.

Kindly view this link for pictures and shoot me a message if interested.

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