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Authoritative Risk Management in Pan Africa (Lagos)

Salama Fikira was created by Conrad Thorpe in Protected content help clients with Security Solutions specialising in the continent of Africa. The company has established a strong organisation based upon full time employees, partners and subcontractors - all located in strategic countries. This organisational structure makes it possible for Salama Fikira to provide services, or solve any potential problem or crisis in Nigeria.

The company has permanent staff and an office in Nigeria to offer security services across the region of West Africa. These services include close protection, oil and gas security, oil rig security, corporate security and other security services.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Salama Fikira by phone or email to find out more information on services that Salama Fikira provides in Nigeria and West Africa.

Our Support Structure

Support Structure

All tasks are tracked and supported by a skilled 24/7/365 operations team based in the hub of East Africa. This capability is invaluable for crisis management, maintaining communications, and preserving clients’ peace of mind.

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