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Boko Haram, Nigeria and Expats (Lagos)


Hello good people,

I have seen many foreigners and Expats, who thought Nigeria was a no-go country before now. We have heard cases of people from all around the world saying, terrorism has eaten deep into Nigeria and her citizenry, thereby promoting bad image for Nigeria and her multi-ethnic groups and friendly citizens.

As an Expat, do you have reasons associated with this kind of menace, and you think you can not come to Nigeria to stay and work? Have you actually gathered the right information about foreigners and Expats who have been living in Nigeria for decades now?

I can boldly say that, all the rumors, gestures and other negative talks of other people are so wrong. Nigeria is not only a safe place for her citizens, even for foreigners and Expats in Nigeria.

If you have ever visited, stayed, worked or planning to come to Nigeria; please, help us share your experiences, opinion, suggestions, contributions on this thread. Tell us what you think about Nigeria.

Thank you all.

Lagos Forum