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Churches & Mosques Need HELP (Lagos)


APC Lagos state chapter have introduced many local traditional means to source for both local government revenue for the construction of roads, houses, train and major project as well as create a special artificial account pump for Lagos state indigenous all these and many more as result for the restatement of the Bola Ahmed Group to the prestigious Lagos state Office.

Now, Lagos state residence that have benefited from the local lottery now faces many health and spiritual hazard from ghost walking on the street of Lagos to strange birth and demons attack for rape and treat of death.

However, all efforts by all beneficial from church, mosque, banks to street hawkers to stop all this spiritual problems menace as been abortive either consulting traditional healer, pastors, lmmam or follow a similar case victims pattern way out on a similar problems while working in the bank by a senior officer named Bisi Afolabi.

All said and done, the money generated was very useful for the homes to take care of the children, pay school fees and feed both the consequences are beyond the power of the Lagos state residents the benefited from the local money scheme project often named in codes slang as ankara, acute etc....

The world problems now comes in while Lagos state residents both elite and the low wages are looking for organization and private for can help.

Ask me what thing happen in all Lagos state homes and public places that benefited from the local traditional money lottery, a Spiritual Woman look very beautiful disappear into all homes wearing a Blue grown look very beautiful stand and sit in the bedrooms in Lekki, Agungi, and Ajah axis while in some cases follow the person out to office and shoprite.

Well, the money was collected from the banks using cheque leave, ATM and fund transfer.

Now who to problems? Citizens can not live again with this menace? Churches and mosque can no longer help?

Where can l run to for help? Please advice me. Thank you all for reading

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