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Company Brand, Logo and Slogan (Lagos)


The need for expatriate out there to consider the meaning and interpretation of individual register company brand, logo and slogan should not be underestimated. When company consider relocation to remote or sub Sahara Africa.Different traditional culture, attitude and corporate governance are set in place both my the local authority, company management and entrance government policy.

For instance, in Nigeria the advertising and practitioner body work in private partnership with the local traditional rulers to safe guard and ensure the letters compose and graphic logo design either locally or imported as a register trademark are ventilated to suit Nigerian university train graduate as a least deprived based on the education standard render in Nigeria compare to other develop and developing countries.Therefore, the business card issued by the company to the staff are cut and printed by the local printers in Nigeria based on a number of condition and term of issuance grind within the marriage traditional culture embed based on Yoruba marriage traditional from yam,cloth,tie,singlet,suit,pint,skirt and to goat all these and many more are encapsulated together as our edifice standard in our country Nigeria as a symbol of our standard.

Therefore, companies out there consider relocation to Sub Sahara Africa need to understand the profit, gain, and impact of local printers from business cards, letter headed papers, logo design both local or foreign import and bill board as compared and measurable to your parent countries, culture and ways of doing business.

All this link to additional revenue to the company in term of rent and staff salary structure,

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