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Computer or Laptop Needs... (Lagos)

Hi everyone,

I just thought I would share the love... As you know, finding adequate service is not the easiest thing in Lagos, especially for your personal computer or laptop; but when you do manage to find that diamond in the ruff; that is both trustworthy and reliable one can't help but share the info...

I found the greatest guy for all computer needs and service, his name is Folu... He is based in computer village in Ikeja. For those of you who don't already know, computer village is the computer supply hub of Lagos (hence the name); but it is also the most overwhelming and confusing place ever... So, if you are anything like me and you develop claustrophobia around a large crowd; then you don't want to make any attempts of going to computer village yourself.

This is where Folu is almost God sent… This guy makes house calls; so if you know exactly what technical device you need he will get it for you and deliver it to your home. Cool thing about him is he is budget cautious, so he brings at least 3 options for one to choose from. He delivers quality and reliable replacement parts for any computer/laptop and he can get any other technical upgrade a person may need. You name it, Folu will get it… He is the one stop guy for anything computers in Lagos… He also fixes computers; builds computers and sell them. If you don’t know the name of something, he can figure out what you need from a short explanation. He is like a CompUSA and Geek's on Call wrapped up in one... LOL!

I think what you’ll appreciate most about him is his honesty and integrity toward his business; so give him a call if you need anything for your computer/laptop or if you need it repaired. He does charge a flat N500 for house calls; prices on computer supplies and parts vary but are never high…

Owner: Folu
Number: Protected content

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