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Conspiracy Theory (Lagos)

-9/11 was an inside job.
-Israel has nukes.
-Jesus was black.
-African empires discovered America & traded with Native Americans long before the Vikings.
-Before the British, Arab & Roman Empire, Africa was once rich.
-African empires at that time were the most powerful in the world.
-Many African countries have numerous deposits of highly valuable natural resources. Like Nigeria, for example: Nigeria is known for oil & gas but has over 50 more vast natural resource deposits that are highly valued on the international market.
-The DRC is Africa's richest country with a natural resources accumulation value of over $25 trillion.
-The world's 1st university was founded in Africa.
-The world's 1st sewage was invented in Africa.
-The Egyptian Pharaohs were in touch with aliens who aided their development & taught them technologies way ahead of their time.
-Many feats the West takes credit for, actually originate from Africa.
-When White missionaries came to Rwanda, the Rwandan leadership could already speak basic German.
-Rwanda is the only African country that was never colonized.
-Rwanda paid the price for that in the Protected content .
-Though White privilege is the order of the day in Africa, White supremacy, which gave birth to White privilege, is really just based on White inferiority to other races.
-White people as a whole was once very poor.
-The term Caucasian stems from Caucasus. The story of Caucasus includes a mountainous region, God & the devil. Sochi is an integral part of that story. Sochi means half devil. Sochi is the genetic blueprint of the White race, meaning Whites are Sochi.
-Though these facts are evidenced comprehensively on YouTube, which is free of charge, I more than likely will be viewed as a racist to conservative Whites who enjoy White privilege.
-That's OK. It won't be the 1st time. :)
-The US government is in talks with at least 1 (evil) alien race.
-The 1st American moon-landing was observed by The Greys alien race, who are natives of the moon.
-The queen is a reptilian.
-Reptilians live below Earth, eat humans & plan to take over the Earth. Their planet died a long time ago and they're refugees here. Many alien races that have come in contact with Earth, love our planet. It's unique & they want dominate it.
-Many aliens also find the human woman very beautiful and have carried out mating experiments with women, in order to create alien/human hybrids that integrate seamlessly into the world, believing this method will greatly aide their quest to take over the world in the future.
-Their plan is actually working.
-Hollywood, both music, film & entertainment, is the Illuminati/Freemason headquarters of global mind control through popular culture.
-2pac, Michael Jackson, John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley and a handful of other past celebrities were killed for opposing the Illuminati/Freemason.
-Tony Scott didn't commit suicide; he was killed.
-Whitney Houston's death was a huge Illuminati ritual.
-So was the American announcement of the supposed death of Osama Bin Laden.
-Osama Bin Laden died in the early Protected content of kidney failure.
-All Navy Seal Team 6 members of the Osama Bin Laden 'assassination', were killed by the US government under mysterious circumstances.
They knew even before the mission something wasn't right.
-NASA's secret Apollo 18 mission to the Moon proved a hostile alien race lives on the Moon.
-The evidence of this can be found on YouTube.
-Most people believe their government because they're too scared to be without governmental guidance/leadership.
-Governmental guidance/leadership died a long time ago.
-ISIS is a CIA/Mossad operation.
-The Mockingjay concept of the movie 'The Hunger Games' is based on an actual CIA misinformation program initiated in the late 20th century, to create mass adoption of propaganda & collective disapproval of news from non-mainstream sources.
-Hollywood often shows the policies & developments that the establishment will create in the future, well in advance, to steadily condition the masses' minds to accept those things as normality and the new way of life.
-What are recurring themes of Hollywood movies? Vampires/Werewolves, the demise of the US empire, a united global front against a common enemy, alien invasion, an alternative habitat for humans outside Earth & wars & violence that can only be tackled by vigilantes. Hollywood is our teacher. Our teacher in the university of life.
-Al Qaeda of Iraq was recruited by the US to help fight against Ghaddafi in Libya. The 'freedom fighters' of Benghazi were & still are loyalists to Al Qaeda. Ghaddafi was fighting to actually save his people from terrorists.
-Because Benghazi is now officially represented in the United Nations, Al Qaeda has has in effect become a legal, global body.
-Benghazi shipped NATO's weapons aid to the Syrian 'rebels' after Libya was conquered by the West. The then American ambassador to Libya found this out & was in the process of notifying the authorities. He was later killed in the safe house of the American embassy in Libya by the military of his own country.
-Libya had one of the highest standards of living in the world. It had free education (at all levels), free healthcare, free provision of amenities like water & electricity, numerous governmental financial support packages for all citizens, like marriage money, unemployment benefits, housing money, car purchase money, entrepreneurship funding, industrialisation money, all free of charge. Libya single-handedly funded the African Union as it is today. It had so much money, it even gave free money away to Middle Eastern countries for development. Ghaddafi planned to break Africa away from the Western controlled world, by insulating Africa from the West, creating its own World Bank (a much much stronger African Development Bank) & implementing a gold-backed common currency throughout Africa, in tandem with free Inter-African trade/migration. This would have made Africa as a whole the biggest superpower the world would ever know and that's just not acceptable to Western hegemony. Now Libya is just a shit-hole as the West wants.
-It's illegal to spray street art with Graffiti on infrastructure but it's legal to use an atom bomb & kill millions.
-Good aliens exist & have been in contact with various entities on Earth but are not co-operated with by the powers that be.
-The Illuminati/Freemason, Bilderberg Group, Council of Foreign Relations, Vatican & many other top global administration bodies are basically all satanists at the top.
-The United Nations is the foundation of the New World Order.
-The New World Order has already begun, it's in the making. In the end, all continents will unite & all humans will be ruled over by one president. The continents will unite because violent events will be carefully carried out that will frighten the world's masses & compel them to come together in the hope to better withstand the global 'threat'.
-The world's president will be the devil.
-The Vatican keeps hidden chapters of the bible in its vaults. The bible as we know it is incomplete. One of the facts the Vatican hides from the masses, is God saying to humans that he doesn't exist in churches; he exists in the heart of every person.
-The Gospel of Barnabas, a recently found scripture of the many that are missing from the original bible, says that Jesus isn't the son of God; he's a prophet. He also was never crucified; Judas was. Jesus rose to Heaven alive.
-In the apocalypse, the majority of people in the world will be fooled by the devil, who will appear as an angel of light.
-In the end of days, those who are left behind (who are also those who won't rise to Heaven), will be ordered by God to NOT accept the mark of the beast: 666. Because the devil knows this, he will torture all remaining humans who desist him, so badly that they will never have felt such a pain before. So basically, they'll get tormented beyond imagination. But God also says, those who nonetheless continue this torture and die from it, will rule in Heaven with the son of God for a thousand years. (Read the Book of Revelations)
-This passage alone would make a multi-billion Dollar entity like The Vatican obsolete: the fact that God exists not in a church of brick and mortar, but in the heart of every person.
-There are several cures for cancer. They are repressed by the biggest pharmaceutical multinationals because cancer is a $160 billion Dollar industry.
-Marijuana is has the most healing power for numerous diseases from all plants in the world.
-That's why weed is outlawed, it would shrink the healthcare industry to pieces.
-Rubbing the inside of over-ripe banana peels on your teeth, naturally whitens them over time.
-Lemon juice & baking powder mixed together has the same effect.
-You're probably going to try that now.
-The last sentence wasn't a conspiracy theory.
-Or the one before that.
-The late General Sani Abacha embezzled about 5 billion Pounds Sterling during his dictatorship. Less than 10% of it has ever been recovered from it, even though it's known what Swiss banks keep it.
-If Africa would recover ALL of its stolen funds kept in Western banks, the West would go into another recession.
-That's why not a penny of it, in significant value, will ever be returned from it!
-A lot of mainstream American rappers are secretly gay or bisexual. This applies to actors as well. They don't come out because they would lose their appeal for it & therefore their earning power.
-I won't mention any names because you never know who knows who and celebrities are very powerful.
-People who believe mainstream media would rather believe the lies of mainstream media, than open their minds to other perspectives of information, because the non-mainstream media world is an unknown to them and humans fear the unknown.
-It's OK if you laugh at me. You'll be silent when my thought bomb begins to ferment in your mind. :)
-The Twin Towers were by design strong enough to withstand plane collision. The Twin Towers collapse wasn't due to the planes. It was an implosion by controlled explosion.
-Surviving firefighters who evacuated people from both towers heard explosions at different levels in the flight of stairs.
-Building 7 was OK after the Twin Tower collapse. It was later destroyed by controlled implosion, too.
-Demons possess leading humans in the world, be they politicians, actors, religious leaders, presidents, musicians, artists, activists etc. A simple sign of demonic possession is in the eyes. Demon pupils aren't round like those of humans; they're slits like those of snakes. -Substantial footage exists of possessed leaders briefly revealing themselves in seconds.
-Such records can be found on YouTube.
-The late great actor Paul Walker was killed for his welfare activism. He discovered a major corruption from the West, through his foundation and was swiftly taken out because nobody screws with the administration of evil of the powers that be.
-This information is not so easy to find online but it's out there. You have to go through several YouTube videos, though.
-Paul Walker's friend wasn't speeding. The Porsche GT was remotely hijacked to pick up speed & crash. It's not known how the car burnt but that an explosion happened is obvious. All modern cars now can be remotely controlled. Engines are highly computerised now and not so mechanic as in the 20th century.
-The tree that the Porsche GT supposedly crashed against is far too skinny to even dent a high speeding vehicle. It shouldn't even be standing, according to the laws of Physics. But the docile, obedient public of mainstream media believe every lie they're told and don't ever question. EVER!
-Search engines are incredibly powerful information management/generation portals. When you get to a certain level of finding the truth and what really goes on in the world & can more and more prove that mainstream media lies & spreads disinformation/propaganda, you're noticed by powerful intelligence agencies who monitor you for years. When you start publishing your findings and become influential, even at a grassroot level, these intelligence agencies take action & start restricting your activities with the intention to shut you down permanently if you don't stop.
-I stopped.
-But I don't regret it. I've realized it's not my responsibility to save people. I just wanted to help. Life is more for living than sacrificing.
-But we owe everything to God. A simple way to prove God exists is in the acknowledgement of evil. Evil comes from the devil. Who was made by God.
-It's cooler to believe in science & atheism than to believe in God and divinity.
-But even atheists are foolish because they call the building blocks of the universe, 'The God Particle'.
I'll leave it at that and wish y'all a nice day.

Don't be told. Inquire.

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