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Customers are not buying from you..You frustrated (Lagos)

Customers are not buying from you..You now frustrated, feeling regretful: why did you invest in the business.

You have difficulty making money from your business, you invested millions of Naira into your business and you have quality products/services you offering but customers are not buying from you. you having hard times finding customers to give you money for the products and services you offering; at a point you hired the services of marketers to help you improve sales, yet no improvement..

You now frustrated, feeling regretful: why did you invest in the business. You thinking what next to do is close down the business, you want to sell off everything at cost price just to recover your money and invest in another business.

“ Media and marketing the life line of your must be connecting and influencing to be Effective. ”

Today’s business world is changing at a super speed, which in turn contribute to the survival of your business. If you must survive as a business owner you must communicate your messages effectively and you must provide customer satisfaction, retain both your old and new customers.

Before you think of selling off all your products/services at a loss in order to recover your invested funds; you need to review your media marketing communication to include your:

• Advertisement
• Marketing campaign
• Brochure
• Company website
• Social media interaction
• Business card
• Marketing copy
• Company statement
• Vision statement
• About us statement
• Marketing pitch
• Elevator pitch and branding.

Your media marketing communications must answer the following questions:

1. What do you do ?
Which means what problem do you solve for your company? or How do you help your company?
2. What do your company do?
Which means what problem have your company identified and what solution do your company offer for the identified problem?

Common Answers:

Q: What do you do ?
A: Well, you know am a doctor and am a coach.
This kind of answer is generic, confusing and boring. It does not connect.

How about something like…it makes more sense.

You know how the increase in cancer sickness is killing and making wives widows …I help cancer patient overcome cancer, survive and recover in as less than 6 months and i stop cancer at the earlier stage without undergoing painful chemotherapy and no need to travel abroad. Do you understand, what i do?

Q: What do your company do?
A: It is an hospital…we treat patient.

How about something like… it makes more sense.

You know how the increase in cancer sickness is killing and making husbands widowers …we help cancer patient overcome cancer, survive, and recover in as less than 6 months and we stop cancer at the earlier stage without undergoing painful chemotherapy and no need to travel abroad. We have a record of 16 survivors and the last patient is still undergoing treatment. Do you understand, what we do?

Take advantage. :....You must always use your media marketing communications.. to create a memorable experience, business connection. Create an opportunity. If audience don’t immediate need your service or products, they know at least one person, friend or relatives that need it.

Does your media marketing communications.. provide powerful and compelling answer to either of the two questions, so compelling your target audience feels you understand their frustrations, pains, agony, challenges depriving them from achieving their heart desire, not allowing them live & achieve their goal.

Does your marketing communications clearly.. specifically explains the emotional physical measurable tangible solution you offering?

Writing media marketing communication is an art and craft….the moment you fail and you do not understand how to use the correct and carefully use words to connect to your target audience…you will not make sales. You not making money, your business become frustrating.

Business is no more about persuading customers to buy from you ….it about offering a solution to a problem yet unmet, frustration, pains, fears, challenges that someone needs an urgent , immediate relief or comfort, in order to live a better life or a normal life.

If your answer to the above questions are NO.

You must re-craft your media marketing messages before thinking of selling off all your asset inorder to recover your money. Do not close down your business at this stage try recraft your marketing communication.

If you like what you reading and you about to start your own business, you don’t want to be frustrated, end-up regretting, no sales, business is not moving, you want easy ways to make customers patronize your business….also consider crafting a powerful, compelling media marketing messages.

Would you love to learn.. the formula for improving your sales, find more customers to buy from you, make more money and be happy with your business; all you need is to craft and improve on your media marketing messages.

Guideline to making your media marketing message hot and compelling:

1. It has to be simple - a six year old must understand you. So simple it target the mind of your audience not their head. Don’t make your audience think make them emotional.
2. It has to be specific - that your target audience understands you know their problems…you talking about their problem.
3. It has to connect - urgent, focus and provider immediate solution to their problems. Connect with their emotional hot button.
4. Avoid generalization, abstraction - your solution must be tangible, it is must be measureable physically.
5. Never try to sell - your product/services rather provider solution to a challenge, frustration, problems one of your target audience may be face with me.

Should you need help or you need sample of crafted successful media marketing messages to help you build your skills on how to craft hot and compelling media marketing communication, .Call : Protected content share idea.
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In Conclusion:
Always Start your Media Planning with Marketing First.

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