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Hello There,
This may sound funny..but real good stuff !!!

Finding people (preferably tourists, expats or generally food loving people) who would be interested in a food tasting for research program/expose purposes.

If you interested in the food tasting and have some hours to burn all I require is a great personality, food loving and the ability to express yourself well, as its likely that the food you wouldn't have tasted before , so in essence it could be your first experience.

Ø I would also appreciate help in finding or recommending any different restaurants,chefs that serve food from different cultures or countries accross the world and do it well,that you may all have come accross in Lagos (please note that we are actually interested in the food and which country and culture it originates and not the restaurant, so the food need not necessarily even come from a restaurant but even from a hygienic street food vendor for maybe more African things at at times or even from a food enthusiast that can cook a mean cordon bleu and would be interested in maybe doing this)

Please inbox me here or send me a mail at

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