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Although the introduction of engine exchange EMAIL servers has made business society more cost effective in term of communication and folders exchange around the world.

University graduate now work from work as office secretary with all office equipment i.e printing papers, office logo, newspapers, stamp duty, internet, and many more whereby Email engine with engine storage servers based in United State of America, often classified FREE email engine registration in Africa as illegal and abuse of office package rather than informing the general public the need for yearly payment subscription of company staff registration email engine and no FREE yahoo, HOTMAIL, GMAIL, and many more, AND all subscribers on FREE sign up email engine are liable for DEATH PENALTY after human living!

Secondly, the raw template for the manufacture of software application Email engine was discovered by a data storage scientist as a result of pumping woman breast and nipples lying down on a bed somewhere in Michigan, USA according to statistical history resulted to the first discovered personal EMAIL ENGINE address before further laboratory process and sent out for manufacturing in China.

However, the misuse of this email engine address are very common among collar office workers, clerks and ladies in regards to respond on priority and reply based on female breast facing the computer monitors, all this enable the company both male and female to travel over spectrum to other world in search of Email delivered to the host recipient address, whereas the manufacturing template of the Email engine address entails the burning, pumping, sitting on HEART as a address template such as YAHOO, MSN, GMAIL, PRIVATE DOMAIN such as IBM,DELL,SONY and many more with corporate headquarter in the US.

Furthermore, the introduction of Email engine as limited the numbers of street walker, logistics errand and road transport in the World, must University trained graduate now sit at home and work as OFFICE SECRETARY sending and receiving emails via registered exchange servers, make and exchange phone calls, print out CV, as well as embrace entrepreneurship to avoid street kidnap and exchange of files document.

I will encourage University trained graduate to register with known registered Email engine and never bother with your friends or formal colleagues working in Blue chips company that OWN a personal or group paid registered domain email address that believe must time on priority list as a result paid brand logo!

Adeniyi Olowojebutu

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