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Human Face, Iris & Pupil reading Online News! (Lagos)


The human head is key in communication, speaking, hearing, seeing and thinking, and the need to understand the human kinetic face and own hair either black hair, white hair or Asian hair in reading online news, pictures and watching movies should not be underestimated from computer monitors.

Many professional, office secretary, clerks and office staff send out and receive at least Protected content data on daily basis and individual own private or public email address delivery recipient take time to read the online news, digest and understood the content mail using individual own face looking and reading confidential or public mails, pictures or movies!

A research group based in Netherlands on the public views, on interpreting mails, individual faces looking the computer monitor did an intensive human kinetic face understanding ray in spectrum in the vacuum tube diode, human color i.e white, Asian, black africa, brown and many more...

The important of environmental influence such as winter, summer, hot, warm, cool, clean surrounding, ventilated trees, flower, good roads, trains, airplane and many government building structures and private own houses, building, and color paint, all these and many more has influence on individual human eye Iris, pupil, white Hair, Brown hair, Asian hair, Black hair and light ray in down to the brain to interpret, understand the content mails.

According to the Netherlands based cloud satellite research Kathleen Norland, field director of international refugee assistance project in Netherlands stated that the need to think out of the box is crucial in term of understanding clients, students, and children reading online news or playing game station which defer based on culture, religious belief, and countries in term of human emotion reading cloud ray in content mails, the own content email address in African are often refer to as the next man or woman beside him or her due to duplication of key authentication in the internet usage and services delivered in Africa.

Therefore, for any professional, expatriate, students and office secretary living in Africa should always consider if her OWN face, Iris, and public is really the person reading the CONFIDENTIAL good online news from the computer monitors, and my personal contribution to own experience working, living, and studying in Lagos, Nigeria in the local environment experience such as woman selling bean carrying cooking pot on his or her head facing me while driving or walking down the street have impact on me after reading various online news and mail facing the spectrum whereby the lateral image, reflective, windy cloud, dirty gutter, and palm tress not well structured transfer host composed letters and numbers to the Lagos street marketers via open cloud in the community.

In conclusion, software and hardware computer design are mainly for HUMANS living on the planet earth, and if you consider yourself subdue to Human being kindly visit the nearest hospitals GP for advice around the world!

Be Safe!

Adeniyi Olowojebutu

Lagos Forum

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