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Good day everyone. I got a job barely 2 years ago in one of the pensions firm organisations. After the compulsory induction, I was posted to a department that others in the company avoided. Since then, my life has not remained the same.

I wake up daily at 4am to get to work and do not return home till about 9pm each day. The pressure of the work is so much for me and I get men from other departments make comments like ‘’you are a true warrior working in that dept and keeping your sanity’ We get to meet a lot of nasty retirees who come to the office with violent weapons and many of my colleagues have been assaulted in the past. My boss says it is part of what we must face in the job. I am single and in my late 20’s and I do not feel like I can carry on this way. Then again, I do not think such a job is really appropriate for a lady.

I have been thinking of leaving, but I have a lot of responsibilities and I need to find something else before I leave. I have a bachelor’s degree in Law as well as a Master’s degree in Corporate Law,(both from a top university in the United Kingdom) I have also been called to bar in Law school. Its quite unfortunate that no good job has come my way yet. I would like to work in the oil & gas sector or any corporate organization or law firm. If there's anyway any one reading this that can help, I would be grateful. My email is Protected content


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