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Ikeja VS "Island" (Lagos)

Hello All!

We are currently in the process of locating accommodations for our 2 year stay in Lagos. We are weighing the options of living in Ikeja vs living in the VI/Ikoyi/Lekki area. I have seen nice properties in both locations, so quality of accommodation is not an issue.

My husband works in the Ikeja area, so for him, it is ideal, as it is close to work. I am only concerned about the potential amenities that we are looking for here. For amenities, we are looking for a pool/pool club, fitness center, close to shopping, etc., which I have seen more of in the VI/Ikoyi/Lekki area. The downside to living in this area is the distance for his commute to work.

Does anyone have any additional information that would help in choosing between the two areas? Or is anyone able to tell me about how long the commute would be to Ikeja (from VI/Ikoyi/Lekki) in the morning/afternoon (with traffic)?

Thanks! We're tired of living in a hotel :-)

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