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This is intended to provide a guide on the concessions granted by the Nigeria Customs Service to tourists, expatriates and citizens of Nigeria who had been resident in a place outside the limits of the jurisdiction of Nigeria for not less than nine months to acquaint them with what is expected of them to import as personal effects.

Many shipments remain uncleared from various ports across the country, many get seized and auctioned while many more eventually get delivered to the owners after they may have gone far beyond their initial budgets paying huge sum of money as demurrage and also to settle their ways out of the mess. (Yeah, settle. That is the term) All these are due to misconception, misinformation, false and or incomplete declarations.

Personal effects are exempted from import duty and the following are admissible and considered in the personal effects category:
• Personal and household effects, the property of a passenger, landed at any Customs Port, Customs Airport and Customs Station within two months of the arrival of the passenger or within such further period as the Board may allow, to the extent permitted by the Board and subject to any conditions imposed by it; and

• Personal and household effects of a citizen of Nigeria who had been resident in a place outside the limits of the jurisdiction of Nigeria for not less than nine months.

Provided that you do not include any vehicle or any goods intended for sale, barter or exchange”.


Personal and household effects accepted as baggage which shall not include any goods intended for sale, barter or exchange, the following:
Articles Conditions
Personal Effects
i. Clothing, New or Used
ii. Children's bicycle, parambulators
iii. Carry-cots and push chairs
iv. Toys
v. Camera-Cine or still Video Camera Binocuilars, Portable PC, Portable Typewriters, Watches Printer
vi. Gramophone Records, Compact Disk, Recording Tapes, Processed Films, Negative and Slides
vii. Jewellery (Must be declared in writing to avoid difficulties at the time of Re-exportation)
viii. Tools and Instruments

All must not be in commercial quantities.

Household Effects
i. Linen (Table Linen, Bed Sheets, Towels, etc
ii. Crockery, Glassware and Cutlery
iii. Soft Furnishing (Curtains, Carpet, Cushion Covers etc)
iv. Furniture, Household appliances (Vacuum Cleaner, Floor Polisher, Refrigerator, Electric Iron, Washing Machine, Cooker, Hair and Cloth dryer etc)
v. Kitchen and Cooking Utensils And apparatus Cooker, Microwaves etc
vi. Musical Instruments
vii. Projectors - Cine or Still
viii. Radiogram /Radio Set
ix. Record Player
x. Tape Recorder
xi. Sewing Machine
xii. Television Receiver
xiii. Video Machine
xiv. Piano or Organ

Consumable Goods
i. Spirit ............................ 1ltr bottle
ii. Wine ............................. 1ltr bottle
iii. Tobacco of all kinds .... Cigarettes 200grms
iv. Perfume ......................... Protected content
v. Zam-Zam Water.......... For pilgrims only

To avoid delays, extra costs and risks of loosing your goods, please take note of the following:

1. Be sincere with your Clearing agent: Declare everything you are bringing or that you intend to bring in even if not covered, they surely know their ways out.

2.. Stay informed as to when your goods will be arriving as some Shipping Companies do not send cargoes arrival notification. This is to avoid paying avoidable demurrage.

3. Talk to a competent Customs licensed agent for guidance.

I wish you a happy stay in Nigeria.

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