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Increase your Sales with Video Marketing. (Lagos)

NEW YORK, Nov. 3, Protected content -- According to Forrester Research, watching a one-minute video has the impact of reading 1.8 million words.

As a resource-strapped small business marketer, video marketing can be the single most practical use for your marketing time and energy. Effective video marketing has to be engaging right from the start... The following three easy types of videos you can incorporated into your overall marketing strategy.

The First of them all:

The use of video trailer is an excellent way to showcase your products and services in a professionally produced video that provides just enough of a hook to create a desire to get the complete story.

Second on the list:

Relationship videos. Integrating video newsletters into your marketing mix, is an excellent way to continue to build relationships with your audience, especially in light of internet users becoming increasingly more accustomed to consuming content in this matter.


How-to videos. What better way to solve a customer's problem, than by creating a how-to tutorial video that provides step-by-step instructions, which provides resolution to their dilemma? These videos effectively convey messages in a timely manner eliminating the need for your audience to find and read a solution in print.

Small businesses are continually discovering the power of video marketing, and with good reason -- it's becoming cheaper than ever to implement, and exceptionally easy to distribute.

“ Video has the potential to transmit large amounts of information. A simple Protected content video can transmit tons of historical, emotional, and academic information simply from the imagery portrayed in the shot. After you create your own video, you can use it to communicate in ways that other marketing tools don’t. Protected content

When it comes to content marketing, the role of video is becoming increasingly clear. Today, more than ever, companies are realizing that video has a key role to play in the content marketing strategy. It is a tool for capturing the user’s attention and delivering a brand message in a memorable and meaningful way.

If your company has not made the move to incorporating video into the content marketing mix, it is a must for your Protected content calendar. The following information will provide some background on why video is an integral part of any successful content marketing strategy and also provide some useful tips as to best practices for doing so.


According to survey, when it comes to making use of videos in marketing, video is preferred to building brand awareness at (52%). It is followed by lead generation at (45%) and online engagement at (42%).

If you considering or researching on how to implement power of video marketing in your business to enable you increase sales, make more money, please consider the following factors posted here:

Video Length Matters

Research by Visible Measures said that marketers have 10 seconds to grab the viewers’ attention in a marketing clip. Furthermore, 20% of users will click away from the video in 10 seconds or less. Then, by the 2 minute mark, you can expect to see 60% of users clicking away. These numbers seem to hold true irrespective of the video duration. When it comes to platforms, desktop users seem to have an attention span of around 2 minutes or less, while mobile users seem to stay a little longer, around 2.4 minutes.

where you place your videos.

The next important factor is where you place your videos. One of the major trends important to note in video distribution is YouTube’s declining market share. An increasing number of content marketers are opting to upload their videos directly to Facebook, their website, rather than publishing them to YouTube. Do the same.
Quality Content

Next is the quality of your videos. As with all forms of content used in the marketing mix, quality counts. Here are a few tips for producing stellar video content which not only engages users, but can offer SEO benefits as well:

Your video content should solve problems and provide new information

In order to produce engaging videos which rank well, you need to solve user problems and provide new, useful information.

Make your videos user friendly

Make your video content easy to browse, link to and share. Create a user-friendly video section where your users can easily search and view your content. Try to focus on creating a separate landing page for each of your videos, rather than embedding several into a single page.

Always use interactive elements

Make use of interactive video elements to connect with viewers. These include in-video links, quizzes, surveys and forms, all of which can create engagement opportunities at the correct moment and prompt users to take desired actions.
SEO Content

As you spend a lot of time and energy creating video for your audience, so make sure that you make the most of it by optimizing it for search. Well optimized and relevant videos can deliver traffic over a long period of time.

Always use Transcriptions

Transcriptions can have a major positive impact on your search rankings when utilized properly to improve indexing, usability and content quality. To unlock the content of your video, and make it available to search engines for indexing, include a transcription directly within the HTML of the pages that the videos are hosted on. This also benefits users who are unable to watch it or listen to the audio.

Host Videos on Your Own Domain( very important)

This is possibly the most powerful tactic which can be leveraged to extract the maximum SEO value from your videos. Video sharing sites have their place, but by not hosting your own videos, you’re passing traffic off to other sites and giving away the credit.

Allow Embedding

By making it easy for users to share and embed your videos on their sites, you’re essentially increasing the potential for building inbound links to your own site. This is a major bonus in terms of SEO, as well as increasing your exposure.

Use Keywords

When creating your videos, remember which keywords you’re targeting in order to include them in your transcripts and titles. You then maximize your chances of generating traffic from search engines for relevant searches being performed by users.

Create Catchy Titles

Making use of catchy titles in not only something reserved for content writers. By ensuring that your videos have catchy, memorable titles, you’re maximizing your chances of user engagement and driving traffic from searches.

Provide Thorough Descriptions

When embedding or publishing your videos to social sites such as YouTube, it’s essential to include a thorough description (which includes your keyword) telling users (and search bots) what your video is about. This maximizes the chances of getting traffic and exposure from searches.

Use Tags

When it comes to online video, tags make a difference. Consider using your keywords, as well as words which your target audience may use in searches when tagging your videos.

Use Sitemaps

When embedding videos on your own site, it’s important to make use of video sitemaps to assist search engine bots with accessing and indexing your self-hosted video content. Google provides excellent guidance on this subject.

More key factors which are worth noting with respect to video:

Internal / Outsourced Mix of Getting Videos Made

No longer is video production confined to large companies with big budgets for resources and equipment. With the advent of modern technology, and outsourcing solutions, it’s becoming increasingly less expensive to produce video content.

Make Quality Videos with Good Content

With the right content strategy, and combination of inexpensive production tools, it’s possible for small businesses to get onboard and produce high quality videos with good content.

Videos Must Be the Appropriate Length

Depending on the nature and purpose of the video being produced, a video only needs to be long enough to engage the user and deliver the message in a meaningful and memorable manner. This can be accomplished with short videos of 3 minutes or less.

Protected content % Increase in Conversions for Websites Using Video

The research conducted found that the average conversion rate for video content users was 1.9% higher than that of non-users.

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