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Interesting things (Lagos)

Hallo Everyone,

So, here's the thing about my curious mind..I love love to hear about new,interesting, sometimes weird stuff (the weirder the better!) happening all around the world..mostly good stuff (I get most of the not-so-good-stuff on CNN). Anyways, so a friend of mine introduced me to this site called "StumbleUpon' and need I say I've been in 'heaven' ever since!! I can't even keep up !!
If you've never heard of it permit me to enlighten you; basically, it provides the easiest way to find cool new websites, videos, photos and images from across the Web. The site make the best recommendations just for you based on your interest.
There's always so many cool (like weightloss & fitness infos), sometimes weird (yes i like weird)things I never knew existed and I'm always itching to share them. My bf(bless his soul) has been at the receiving end of my constant barrage of shared content so I thought I'd let him off the hook for a while( or maybe not) and share some of the cool info with others. Enough of the talk, here's the first one i'd like to share.
If anyone signs up to the site and also finds some really cool, really weird info, please share here. who knows,someone might just find it useful.
Enjoy; Protected content

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