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ISO Certification Importance (Lagos)

Dear Ladies & gentlemen,
Many companies around us are running their businesses without any consent towards Quality. For that I would like to discuss some Financial benefits that arise from re-establishing our companies as per ISO (International Standards).
•The organization/business functions in a disciplined and systematic way, almost no matter what happens.
•You have fewer failures in quality of service or product.
•People are clear about what to do and how; they don't have to spend time 'making things up' or 'finding things out' or reinventing wheels.
•You have more or better business because you can sell to new markets or the certificate distinguishes you in the marketplace.
•You know more quickly if things are going wrong, and where.
•You stop spending money or time on the same old problems. Because many have been resolved permanently, and if another comes up, you now have a process and the resources and skills to identify & fix it. Faster, better, cheaper.
•Better management control and reporting - you know how your business is doing and what to look at.
•You don't scratch your head wondering how to respond to tenders or other questions asking about your quality system, because you know!
•reduced rework and frustration
•Reduced maintenance effort.
•Increased operational efficiency.
•Reduced scrap expense.

For that, and because of other types of benefits, I would like to urge you to shift your companies Forward by establishing ISO systems.

The project might take less than 1 year, and it's not that costly.

If you need any help, I'm an ISO certified consultant, expatriate in Lagos. With European Certificates.

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Best Regards...

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