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Life in Lagos - what's it like with a family?

Hi All,
Thanks for opening the thread!
Our family has an option to move to Lagos (having done a bit of homework by now - probably going to be located in VI or Ikoyi Island). We can either choose: A) we go; B) my husband goes unaccompanied C)We decline. As the assignment can last for a couple of years, I consider it to be a bit of a pain to stay behind in UK. My obvious concern is my 8yr old son. How safe is it for children? What are the good schools like and does anyone have any good words to say about either about the british international or american international schools there? Would you recommend boarding (although I think it might be a bit too big of a change for him) so I'd rather keep him at home during the week. Is the drive to school safe? Is there enough extra-curriculars? What are the medical services like? Are people friendly to kids? Could there be issues with racism in VI or Ikoyi?
Is it really that hard to obtain european food or indeed good quality local food ( read sth about being treated with pesticites and frequently uneatable?? etc). Do you really need bodyguards with machine-guns at all times?
While I appreciate that it is probably not as easy of a life there than it would be in Europe, I would like to know how much of these negative stories online are actually true.
I know there are a lot of questions there but any help with ANY of these points or indeed with anything else that may seem important, is highly appreciated!!!
PS! Also if anyone could give me an idea of how much rent would one expect to pay for a respectable family house in Victoria Island or Ikoyi.
Thank you for all of your help!

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