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lmmigrant Success (Lagos)


A long walk away from home with the determination to see success as an immigrants lost on the street of NY.

I wake up on Sunday morning back home in African crying and knocking my Mother bedroom to pay my US visa and tickets to NY while my dad keep reading newspaper saying my son "face your studies and build your career in Africa".

After series of bottle neck and stubborn attitude my parents agree to go and buy me a US visa and pay my travel ticket.

I pick my hand luggage with fulfilment going to treasure land where l would pick money from NY street.

Arriving on John Kennedy airport NY my uncle giving hope of life and faith on my arrival fail me on arrival in NY, after series of phone calls my uncle switch off his phone and his home address his family give me back at home was a wrong address.

I keep walking up and down the street of NY looking for familiar faces and who can help me with shelter.

The battle for a better future in allure begins from homeless to gangster and cocaine selling on the street of NY while police keep chasing me up and down the street.

I now sit down on the bus for 3 good hours waiting for bus going NY east side inside a terrible cool conditions, my life expectations not coming and future l envisage not coming alive with no one to bother or care about me.

The journey keep on now drop out from schools looking for street money and jumping from one police interrogation to another.

Young ones out there don't sell out your tomorrow with aim of IMMIGRANTS SUCCESS!!!

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