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March 22 - World Water Day! (Lagos)

Today is World Water Day! By Protected content , two-thirds of the world will live under conditions of water scarcity. What are you going to do to change how you use water? If enough people do simple things on a small scale, it is still part of a solution; like don't run water while you brush your teeth or do the dishes; be more observant and conserving of how you use water. Globally, 1.2 billion people live in areas with inadequate water supply. Be cautious and grateful if you have clean water and don't waste it.

We are an Ocean conservation organization, our goal is to perpetuate the need to protect all the waterways in our ecosystem; encourage sustainable habits and educate on environmental awareness. Ultimately our goal is to maintain and conserve the Ocean which is our life support!

Many people in Nigeria already understand to some degree that water is important; the dilemma is that not many Nigerians understand how water supply and the Ocean correlate; this lack of knowledge poses a major threat to Nigeria’s entire water system.

The present culprit to the demising health of Nigeria’s entire ecosystem is from poor sanitation and other contaminants along with the intemperance of plastic pollution in the land and water.

Environmental awareness and educating the population of how essential it is to protect the Oceans and other waterways is crucial in Nigeria. The commitment to safer, cleaner water/environment in Nigeria needs to be shared and practice by all. The problem can be reversed. Please contact our organization to learn more about what you can do or volunteer to be apart of our projects.

This maybe a host country for most of you on this site, but we are all connected even after you leave this country to the next. There is only ONE Ocean, what one nation does on their side of the water effects us all. So while you are in Nigeria; what are you doing to make Nigeria a sustainable nation?

Please join our projects for a greener Nigeria.

Ocean Conservation and Ecology Awareness Initiative

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