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Questions from an expat on the way (Lagos)

Hi all - some very random questions:

Can anyone recommend a personal trainer at a gym or otherwise who is affordable?

Hello all,

I'm headed to Lagos for good in a couple of weeks. A couple of very random questions:

Can anyone recommend a tailor who is #1 affordable (i.e. what would be the cost of a casual western-style dress), #2 quality, #3 some experience with western clothes... Also, where can I buy fabric?

Can I bring a stun gun into the country (this may sound silly; I have one but don't want it to be confiscated when I go through customs).

CHEESE! Prices (relative to US) and availability of all kinds of cheese (hard cheeses, blue, brie, chèvre, etc.)

Prices of dysport treatments in Lagos?

Can I get away with taking more than 2 bottles of scotch through customs?

Thanks all!

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