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Relocating to Nigeria - what should I know? (Lagos)

I am looking into relocating to Nigeria next year. I am aware that there are dozens of such threads here but I have a couple of questions :)
- what can you tell me about Badagry/Ojo areas in Lagos? We have an opportunity to live there and was wondering if it is safe?
- what are the prospects of getting a job? I am currently living in the UK and working as an accountant, although I do not have qualifications
- what is the approximate cost of living... I know it is difficult to say but if you compared to London (for those of you who know) is that as difficult to make ends meet? I have heared it is easier though :)

I would really absolutely appreciate someone to talk to :) we can chat on WhatsApp or have a call over Skype :) especially if you are from the UK or Poland and you have relocated to Lagos :)

Your help is much appreciated Guys!!!!

Have a great day!


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