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Wo bin Ich zu Hause - Meine heimat für Fremde (Lagos)

Hi All,

So I am coming home for xmas and I want to kinda document my trip like the different dishes - the interesting locations in Nigeria.

Most importantly a lot people always ask me what it’s like to live in Nigeria , well being that I am Nigerian I can’t really tell the difference that is why I was hoping I could meeting up with a couple of expatriates living in the home country get a picture of what their experience has being like. What they thought when they first arrived. What they thinking right now.

What they love or hate about Lagos also in comparison to everywhere else they have lived. :-) What has changed since internations in Lagos. I have been on internations since Protected content I love it. Unfortunately I won’t be in lag for very long :-( but I will keep you posted on the dates and events :-)

Will definitely be organizing Bavaria meets Naija xmas drinks at Protected content . Will introduce to some of my favorite drinks from minga :-)

We have a travelgroup in Munich where we present our trips so I will be presenting my trip there :-)


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