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At times l think solemn alone to myself as a IT software developer manager while in the database storage scientific laboratory about my history, origin and who really is a WORSHIPER.Most times always stock within the corner of the walls to really identify who really is a WORSHIPER, maybe a well brand name, logo or general belief.

In Nigeria where l was born, trained and grow up, who to worship are based on a numbers of rules from a well known brand head posted on the street bill board while driving to Victoria Island saying "JESUS IS LORD", or well broadcasted know politician fighting for a public sit in government office to a well know quarry resources miners common among individual families based on his/her forefather traditional inheritance on traditional cloud money as the WORSHIPER.

Often times I think the deaf and dumber man living in Nigeria are the WORSHIPER due to their solemn tradition quiet times and saint hardly with little or no sin but live a very righteous life as a good example to copy as my LORD JESUS CHRIST representing our country NIGERIA.

Maybe l might drive down to Ajegunle where people believe their WORSHIPER is the Managing Director of a Company,president of a country or a Money donor register individual who promise them job, money and shelter in Park View Ikoyi as their WORSHIPER.

Don`t be lost with the uncertainty of place you are going after HUMAN LIVING and be very watchful of people who promise you jobs, Ipad if ONLY you can be use to wash away their family sin, curse while acting as the WORSHIPER so that HE/SHE can go to the TOILET and turn to BIRD after so call assume HUMAN BEING living within your neighborhood.

In NIGERIA be very watch of false WORSHIPER.

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