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Working in Lagos

Lagos is the biggest city in Africa, with a lot of new and exciting work opportunities available for expats hoping to work in Lagos. Its port creates an international and variegated economy, and the growing finance and tourist sectors boost the economy and the demand for workers.

Local Economy

Lagos is the largest city in Africa in terms of population and size, and is the center of the Nigerian economy. The central business district of Lagos is located on the island, and the living standards in Lagos are some of the highest in Africa.

The port of Lagos is one of the largest on the continent, and crude oil is increasingly being exported through it. Great deals of exports from the rest of Nigeria come through this port, too, bringing revenue to the city.

The financial sector in Lagos is increasingly strengthening and tourism is a growing industry in Lagos, as people are drawn by the beautiful beaches, and the wealthier areas of the city. However, this is still a slow process because of the reputation of crime and violence that Lagos still holds. 

Job Hunting in Lagos

The growth of the international economy in Lagos has meant an increase in opportunities of a more professional nature for expatriates looking to move to Lagos. More and more expatriate communities are springing up throughout the city, and while the expectations of expats regarding living conditions are considerably higher than the majority of people who live in Lagos, it is still possible for foreigners to live a comfortable lifestyle on the wages they will earn in this city.

Jobs for teaching English as a foreign language are not really plentiful in this city, as English is the official language already, but opportunities for English speakers are increasing, both in professional services and also in the ever growing tourism industry. These jobs can be found online, as well as inside the city at any popular expatriate hangout. 

Work Permits for Lagos

The application for a work permit for the city of Lagos is a three step process which requires the involvement of your employer. First of all, you will need an Expatriate Quota Approval, which the Nigerian company that you will be working for will need to apply for. The next step is an STR or a “subject to regularization” which you can apply for at the Nigerian Embassy in your home country. For this, you will need a copy of your employment letter, your acceptance letter and also your resume. The final step is to apply for a CERPAC which is a Combined Expatriate Residence Permit and Alien Card. You can apply for this once you are already in Nigeria, and this will be issued along with a multiple entry visa.

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