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Settling in Lahore as an Expat

Dear All, I was previously part of the Singapore community and now have switched to Lahore, seeing as I have been living here for two years now.

By way of brief introduction, I was born and raised in the UK, and after living and working in 7 different countries, I moved my family to Lahore in Protected content , to pursue an entrepreneurial venture. The entrepreneurial side begins to gain steam a little but one could argue it might not have been the best place to do a tech startup - thats a separate story.

In most countries we have lived in, it has always been very easy to integrate into society and people have been very welcoming, interested to know more, and generally we have become settled quite quickly.

But in Lahore, and prior to this in Karachi, it is not the case at all. Here I find it very difficult to meet like-minded people (almost convinced the problem is likely more with me), but I think the main reason is because either when i talk about some of my international experiences, locals are either bored, think I am showing off, or can't relate. As a result of this, the conversation is pretty short.

I joined this forum because I felt there might be a way to meet like minded people - typically expats who might be experiencing a similar situation.

So the question really is to the EXPATS ONLY that are living in Lahore, is this something you have faced when you moved here, or if not I would be interested in understanding some of your perspectives.

Many thanks and apologies if it seems like an outburst...


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