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Hi my name is Josi Richards,
I am the clinical coordinator of the International Wellness Center and would like to contact you to talk about our services. We offer pre-marital counseling, couple, individual and family counseling which is a fundamental tool in entering this fulfilling and yet stressful moment of life. But what is UNIQUE about our center is that we have a variety Master's level counselors that can offer more services,
one of the things we do is that we go to BUSINESS and we provide worships to better their work environment which will propel them to achieve their goals more successfully. The first 5 businesses that contact us will have the first workshop 100% free (note that our workshops are built accounting to the needs of the company, but some examples of our most solicited ones are effective communication, problem solving and how to get the best out of chaos). Contact me for more information! Thanks Josi!

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