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Find an apartment in Lausanne

Dear all,

I hope I am writing in the right area of the Forum (this is my first thread).

I am moving to Lausanne from the next 1st of December and I would like to find an apartment/house with 1, Protected content rooms.
I will work in Morges, but I think the best choice is to live in Lausanne in order to have new friends.
I had a look on some websites and unfortunately I could not find any offer which shows the apartment. Only a picture of the external buinding is shown.

I have some questions for you. I hope you can give me some tips.
1 - Is it better to find an apartment or a house?
2 - do you know some useful websites for the purpose?
3 - Is it better to find a furnished or a non furnished apartment?
4 - Which are the best Lausanne areas to live in?

Thanks a mill for the answers.

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