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Happy to join your team! (Lausanne)

Dear all,

After years spent in the Czech Republic for personal reasons, I consider coming back to my beloved Switzerland if interesting job opportunity arises.

Who am I and how can I contribute to the success of your business?

I am a nature lover with passion for outdoor activities, notably mountain sports like skiing and hiking. I like travelling, discovering new places, cultures, and attending cultural events.

I like organizing events, trainings, coordinating activities, ideally complex ones, communicating with many different stakeholders at international level, travel, and make it all so everyone feels happy.

I love to create, transform, improve, make impossible possible, make things happen, make everything around beautiful and harmonious, improve and nurture relationships, teach, train, and develop one's potential.

I am passionate about conscious being, personal development, healthy lifestyle, holistic health and beauty, natural way of youth enhancement and overall wellbeing.

Being an eternal student, combining knowledge and intuition, I love to share what I have learnt in my life, guide, lead, support, empower and inspire others as well as continuously develop my talents and personality.

I live consciously and practice various techniques to ensure mental, emotional and physical well-being.

I handle practically any situation and person with patience, understanding, and calmness.

I communicate with ease and respect with anyone from children to wise elderly people, from 'people from the street' to CxOs.

I tend to find the solution acceptable for each party.

I have an interest in unknown, believe in seemingly impossible and try to find new ways of doing things, living etc.

I am a perfectionist, though now more easy-going and tolerant, with an eye for detail.

A creative individual who loves beauty everywhere, and in everything.

I am said to be fun to work with. I love life, I see beauty in every little thing and enjoy every single moment as life has taught me how precious it is.

By nature, I am a very joyful and supportive, open-minded, conscious, communicative, diplomatic, adaptable and discrete person, able to handle confidential issues.

I never give up. Every journey begins with the first step and every 'mistake' is just a life experience, a lesson to be learnt and an opportunity for improvement.

I work the best when I have as much freedom, trust and flexibility as possible.

I am used to organize my time and activities, and I like to travel and meet people.

I am able to work in a team as well as independently.

Ideally, I would like to join a socially and environmentally responsible company where I will use my talents, capabilities, knowledge, and experience to create a positive impact on the world and other people's lives.

• Diplomacy and International Relations, MSc, UEP Prague
• International Management, CEMS Master, HEC Paris
• Courses in personal development, conscious living, mindfulness, healthy lifestyle, youth enhancement, holistic health and beauty, aromatherapy etc.

Company types:
• Global corporations
• SME's
• Start-up
• Ownership - Freelancer

• Event Management
• Strategic Management Consulting
(projects in Travel & Tourism, e.g. Airlines, Pharma, FMCG, Financial Institutions etc.)
• Luxury Goods
• Beauty
• Holistic Health & Wellness
• Personal Development
• Photography
• Others

• Marketing, Education and Event Coordinator & Producer
• Trainer (training development, coordination and delivery)
• Strategic Management Consultant
• Project Manager
• Business Developer
• Innovation Manager
• Guide, Hostess, Conference Coordinator
• Life Coach, Holistic Health, Beauty, Wellness, and Youth Enhancement Consultant
• Therapist & Teacher
• Nature Photographer

• English, French, Czech - fluent, business level
• German, Spanish - conversational, refresh (& level upgrade) needed

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