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Inspire, Create, Educate and Play in a course (Lausanne)

I'm happy to announce that you can attend the official Introductory Course in Transactional Analysis in Lausanne in Protected content (in English)
This course is recognized by the EATA (European Association of Transactional Analysis).
What is Transactional Analysis?
- is a method for studying interactions between people;
- is a theory of personality and a theory of social behavior, a
systematic psychotherapy model for personal growth and change,
developed by Eric Berne, MD in the late Protected content .
Some of the most important concepts that we will cover are:
 - Ego states – Parent, Adult, Child –a model for understanding personality.
- Transactions and Strokes (or stimuli) as a means for communication and sustaining our psychological well-being.
 - The life script – the story that we start building up on childhood about “who we are, what we are looking in the world like this with people like you”.
 - Games and Drama Triangle – models for understanding our problems and conflicts that we keep repeating in our lives.
The “TA 101” is the starting point for people who wish to enter into TA training programs and qualify as a Certified Transactional Analyst (CTA) in any of the four fields of application: counselling, education, organizations, and psychotherapy.

"Let's get together for a great learning opportunity"

For information's and reservations : e-mail Protected content

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