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New in Lausanne

Hello everyone,

I am a twenty-five years old french engineer who just started a job in Lausanne. As I was working in Thun before, I had to leave my friends away and start fresh here.

So if anyone wants to meet, I am a well travelled, smiley goof ball who enjoys all-terrain eating (from the spiciest to the weirdest, while still appreciating champagne and truffles) .

I enjoy bar evenings, being lazy near the lake, playing beach or indoor volleyball, boardgames, cooking, cocktail making, debating the rights and wrong of the world including but not limited to: feminism, politics, how ironically screwed we are and alternative lifestyle choices, energies or social orders.

If you are still reading and liking it we need to meet.

Otherwise, we still need to, at least once :D


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