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Swiss CV Requirements versus U.S. CV (Lausanne)

Bonjour toute le monde!

I'm getting ready to apply for jobs in Lausanne and around. Since I'm from the United States, I was using my MBA school's "Going Global" website for researching how Swiss resumes and cover letters differ from American resumes and cover letters.
I thought it was interesting that most of the Swiss resumes posted as examples feature a photograph, the country of citizenship, and the marital status. In the United States, to ask about marital status is illegal in most states and it is kept confidential so as not to influence the hiring decision.
Is it common and normal practice for companies in Switzerland to use this information as a basis for hiring? Might it help me if I placed on my resume that I was married to a French citizen? (For visa considerations since I do not have a Swiss work permit...)
Any information as I make my preparations is helpful!

Thanks, and pleased to be a part of the community!



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