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Documentary Film (Leeds)

Hello my name is Ben Sayers

I am a Documentary Filmmaker Studding for my Masters Degree in Film Making at the Northern Film School in Leeds, i am writing this thread to ask people in Leeds from International communities if they would like to take part in a Documentary film.

This film will look at cultural diversity in Leeds and how individuals represent them self's culturally while living in a new community and society.

I have a strong interest in international cultures. I was born in the UK but have family from Austria, I unfortunately do not have a great connection to my roots but find it fascinating when people do. I want to make a film about People in Leeds from different cultures and different communities. For me growing up in Leeds was fantastic it’s a beautiful city and i wish to learn what other people think of the city and English culture in general

I would really like to talk to people from different sectors of society about their culture and communities. I believe that being from different cultures and learning about new ways of life enriches your existence, it lets you become a better person in life. For me I enjoy the different types of food that people have across the world, and the traditions they share with each other. I really want to learn from you, bu taking part different cultural traditions which will help me and the audience gain a unique understanding about your cultural identity.

I have already made a short film before I started studying for my Masters Degree. Here is a web link for you to watch this film if you wish:

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It is only short but I think it speaks volumes and shows you the sort of thing I’m planning to do.

If this is of interest to you then please don't hesitate to get in touch because i would like to meet people who may be interested in being part of this project

Best Wishes

Ben Sayers
MA Filmmaker

Contact me on Protected content

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