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Looking for International Students to Interview (Leeds)

Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for international students studying at UK universities (or people who were students in the last 3 or 4 years) to interview for an MSc project. Our description of the project is below - if you're suitable or know anyone who is, we'd love to have your help!


Are you an international student who has experience of using websites to search for accommodation? If so, we’d love to interview you. As a part of the MSc in Human-Centered Interactive Technologies in the Department of Computer Science, we’re designing a prototype website that will help make international students’ searches for accommodation easy and successful.

In order to do this well (and to follow our assessment rubric!), we need to use interviews to gain an understanding of the interests and concerns of international students when searching for accommodation. We are equally interested in success stories and horror stories! :-) Ideally, we’ll use our findings to design an innovative new website that suits the needs of international students precisely.

This is who we’re looking for:

International students studying in the UK who have searched for property to rent and/or houseshares (both successfully and unsuccessfully!)
Any nationality
Any age
Any course
Any gender

This is what we’ll do:

Protected content face to face interview at a location convenient to you. Some Skype interviews will be possible if that’s more convenient.
In the interview, we’ll talk through your experiences of searching for accommodation.
We’ll also ask you some questions about property websites you’ve used in the past.

We don’t have an incentive to offer, but we promise to share our prototype with you and we will be eternally grateful for your help!

If you’re interested, please email Laurie Garrison at Protected content

We need to complete these interviews by 1 November, so please get in touch ASAP!

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