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Cafe Central: Is this working? (Leipzig)

Dear all,

The attempt to get a regular after-work drinks thing going at Cafe Central has been active for about six weeks now.

After seeing Stewart's comment, I wondered whether we might take the opportunity to see if this is working the way we want it to, if the venue/time/day/format should be changed, etc.

For those who weren't there, the idea was motivated by the Spanish and Italians bewailing the lack of informal social time in German culture. (So far, no Spaniards and no Italians have showed up, that I know of!).

The point of having a week-day get-together of this kind was to provide that sort of informal and non-committal social time.

So my question is, for those who have been there, do you feel like it is working, is it a benefit to you, or what suggestions would you have?

I personally would be happy to move elsewhere, and to do a bit of a culture-meld and call it a Stammtisch such that it can be arranged ahead of time with the proprietors and people don't end up walking up and down trying to see if some one is speaking English and not knowing anybody. Maybe somewhere in the Gottschedstrasse or at least not directly in the centre?

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