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Dear All,

I wanted to start this thread as a way of sharing internet sources of the brainy, wacky, and charming. My aim is to put something up every Friday and to cover a wide spectrum of interests.

There are two things that I cannot provide: real-world sources of the same sorts of things in Leipzig (I think Stew or Ray or some one would be better at that). I am also unable to provide for the non-anglo world on the internet.

My wish would be that some one who is able to do these things claims a day and does a regular post for that day. Like if Stew took Mondays or even the first Monday of the month and some one who speaks more languages than I do takes Wednesdays and covers that day. Optimally, we would have coverage for the Mediterranean world, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa (Godwin?)

ALSO: we need somebody to represent for the Germans. Finding a connection to your interests and quirks in your host country is a big help to cultural adjustment and language-learning. For example, if some one could introduce Das Magasin, or the TAZ, or certain columns in your favorite newspaper.

My reason for doing this is a) that I spend way too much time fooling with my brain on the internet and b) in doing that, I have found a way to stay connected to anglo culture and that has meant a lot to me.

Off we go, then, first post, immanent...

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