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Martial arts classes in English - any interest? (Leipzig)

Hello everyone,

My (German) boyfriend teaches Ving Tshun / self-defence in Leipzig, and I suggested to him there might be interest among the English-speaking community in classes - or a one-off self-defence workshop - in English, because I don't think there's much on offer by way of sports in general, martial arts in particular for non-German speakers. I think this is a real gap...

I've also recently moved to Leipzig myself and would love to meet some more expats...

Would anyone be interested if such a thing could be set up? He'd be happy to offer a free workshop to anyone who was interested - in the summer could maybe even hold the class out in a park somewhere and hang out afterwards :) He also runs women-only self-defence classes, a kids group etc - so if there's enough interest in setting up any sort of afternoon some time over the summer, we can see what we can do!


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