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Moving to the Lesser Antilles

Moving to the Lesser Antilles can be shocking at first, with expats not used to the climate and the different lifestyle experiencing culture shock at first. Check out our guide for some useful information and expat advice that could ease your relocation!

The Land and Its People

The Lesser Antilles, along with the Greater Antilles, form the Antilles islands. These islands, together with the Lucayan Archipelago islands are known as the West Indies. The Lesser Antilles are an arc of partially volcanic islands in the Caribbean Sea.

There are three groups of islands that form the Lesser Antilles. These are the Windward Islands in the south, the Leeward Islands and the Leeward Antilles. As well as being a popular moving destination for expats, it is an internationally popular tourist destination, with plenty of hotels and exciting places to eat across the islands.

The most spoken language across the islands of the Lesser Antilles is English, with different English creoles being spoken depending on where you are. Other European languages, such as Spanish and French, are commonly used. The popularity of the English language is partially due to tourism being one of the dominant industries across the Lesser Antilles.

The Climate of the Lesser Antilles

The islands across the Caribbean, including the Greater and Lesser Antilles all share an extremely similar climate, and so are more simply described as one group. The islands of the West Indies all share a typical oceanic tropical climate. This means that they all share weather that is typically more wet then dry, and temperatures that remain warm to hot throughout the year.

The wettest months for the Lesser Antilles are from May to October. Although data gathered on the Lesser Antilles implies that there are many days with rain, showers may be brief.

The summers you will experience moving to the Lesser Antilles are hot, and the winters are warm. However, the heat is off balanced by humidity. The temperatures rarely stray above 38°C or below 15°C.

Getting to the Lesser Antilles

The main airports in the Lesser Antilles for international travelers are in Aruba, Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Grenada, Saint Lucia, Tobago, Trinidad and Curacao. Flights from Europe and the United States are not always regular, so international travelers should plan in advance once their destination has been settled on.

Moving between the islands is not difficult, and geographically most of the islands are close to at least one neighbor. There are inland flights operating between all of the islands that have airports, and when planned in advance less expensive options can be found. There are also ports on most islands, and transport by boat can be arranged. Water transport can be irregular, and the costs can differ widely, so it’s important to research your specific transport needs in advance.

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