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Advice for recently graduated Biochemist (Master) (Leuven)


Hi there everyone,

I need your advice please!

I've recently graduated with my MSc in Biochemistry (Master level) and am now looking for an opportunity which will allow me to move to Belgium (from South Africa).

I've been checking job advertisements but many of them ask for experience, and as I'm a recent graduate/young potential I don't have any post-degree experience (yet!). I don't mind that much what I do although my passion lies with research and I'm skilled in molecular biology.

Luckily as I speak Afrikaans I also have a basic understanding of Dutch, although I'll have to take some time to learn to speak and write it fluently.

I am also considering possibly starting a PhD in Belgium, but as I don't know any research groups/supervisors I want to have a way to see with which group would suit me best before I commit to a 4 or 5 year degree.

Another reason why I'd like to move to Belgium is that one of my sister's is a paediatrician here and has recently started a family, and I'd love to be close to her. She'll also be able to help me integrate. She lives in Kortrijk-Dutsel and I'm currently visiting her until the end of April.

So do any of you have any advice for me regarding job searches, companies to approach, what a PhD entails in Belgium, and how I might be able to check out a research group before I join them for a PhD?

Thanks for any and all advice you have for me, I reaaaally appreciate it!

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